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STARMATRIX JUNIOR 310 Swimming Pool Sand Or AQUALOON Filters

Short Description
Product Description
Short Description

• Sand filter pump including 7 way valve, connecting hose, pressure gauge and base plate
• Prepared for unique internal UV light treatment and also for internal water heating
• Quiet and selfpriming pump with pre-filter
• Adaptors for pool hoses 32/38 MM connection

Product Description

• For above ground pools. This filter system includes everything you need to get your pool up and running.
• Sand filter features a seven-function top mount valve for maximum control over the filter system, an easy to install snap-in twist and full flow, self-cleaning laterals with a large surface area for maximum flow and the combined strong base plate provides filter stability.This filter is an excellent choice for above ground or in-ground pools.
• To maintain crystal-clear and sparkling pool water, the filter system can be operated with filter sand as well as with STARMATRIX AQUALOON Filter Balls as filter medium.


7-way valve
• The massive 7-way valve allows you to adjust the various operations of your filter unit: Filtering, backwashing, rinsing, circulating, draining, winter setting and closed. The 7-way valve allows you to carry out the complete water cleaning process.
Standard connection
• Starmatrix filter unit Classic Series has connections for swimming pool hoses with Ø 32/38 MM. This allows you to connect the filter units quickly and easily to almost all commercial swimming pools on the market.
High quality and powerful filter pump
• The filter pumps are the power station of every pool circuit. The filter pumps of the Starmatrix filter units Classic series have a high filter performance with low power consumption. The filter pumps are perfectly matched to the respective filter units and ensure that your pool water is perfectly filtered.

• Q: How to choose a proper sand filter for my pool?
• A: Normally we advise customer to Use the total volume of the pool to divided by 5 to get a filter flow rate with sand Per hour. For example if you pool is 20000 L.Then the proper filter's flow rate is supposed to be 4 M³/H.

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Timer function can be added for all pumps


Optional special connector for easy connection to existing pools

Filter JUNIOR 310

Pump Power 250 W / 1/3 HP
Pump Flow Rate 7000 L/H
1850 GAL/H
Flow Rate (Sand) 5200 L/H
1370 GAL/H
Flow Rate (Aqualoon) 5970 L/H
1580 GAL/H
Volume Sand 20 KG
44 LBS
Volume Aqualoon 560 G
1.2 LBS
Tank Volume 20 L
5.3 GAL
With Prefilter Yes

Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

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