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STARMATRIX SS0920 35L Attractive Hexagonal Shape Design Solar Shower

Product Description
Using the Shower
Product Description

• The installation of a solar shower in the garden or around the pool is very simple and allows you to enjoy free hot water quickly.

• Solar showers heat the water thanks to solar energy and do not consume electricity.

• They are installed in the garden on the terrace or near the pool, and they only need to be connected to a hose with access to water.

• Starmatrix proposes a wide range of solar showers of different colors with foot bath or without and with tanks ranging from 8 liters to 40 liters.


• Model: SS0920
• Tank Vol.: 35 L / 9.25 GAL
• Material: PVC black
• Shape: round
• Metal handle, foot tap and drain valve included
• Attractive hexagonal shape design
• New extrusion technology to make one shower with 2 color at one time
• 2PCS design for easy transportation
• Heating of water by means of an aluminium accumulator tank of 35 litres using solar energy

Using the Shower

• The solar shower is equipped with a mixing valve, where the first cold water and then hot water is flowing.

• The valve must not be over tightened, since this may be damaged irreparably.

• Connect the water hose to the shower and let the water warm up by the sun. (3 to 4 hours, depending on the ambient temperature and solar radiation).

• Once the water is hot, open the valve until the desired temperature is reached.

• To fill the solar tank, turn the valve to hot and wait until the shower is completely filled.

• Once filled, close the valve and let the warm water warm up for several hours.

• When the water drips furthermore with a closed mixer, it is possible that the water pressure is too high. Reduce this by fitting in a pressure regulator.


Product Dims. 417x180x2188 MM
Tank Vol. 35 L / 9.25 GAL
Box Dim. 375x195x1240 MM
G.W. 14.8 KGS / 32.63 LBS

Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

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