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STARMATRIX New Generation Filter Media Aqualoon Filter Ball

Product Description
Product Characteristics
Product Description

• Aqualoon filter ball media is designed to replace the filter sand for pool sand filters.

• Starmatrix proposes AQUALOON filtering media that adapt to filtration need in the pool. The filter medium is inside the tank of the purifier and retains the finest particles of impurities allowing to keep the pool water clean.

• Upgrade your filter system with AQUALOON filter media. These state-of-the-art media are constructed from a network of tightly woven polyethylene strands. The result is precise performance and crystal clear water.

• This 700 G(1.5 LBS ) box replaces 25 KG (50 LBS) of heavy, hard-to-manage sand. Enjoy cleaner, clearer water that's less reliant on costly chemicals, with filtration that's only matched by expensive, dangerous DE filter systems.

• With a greater capacity for particulates than sand, it also requires less backwashing. How can you go wrong? Stop breaking your back with heavy bags of hard-to-manage sand, and switch to media that's lighter, smaller and smarter.

Product Characteristics

Aqualoon is a filtering medium for above-ground pools
• Innovative and revolutionary product. Are lighter and more efficient than conventional filter media. Alternative to sand glass or cartridges
• Are easy to use and leave no residue sand in the pool
• Filter residues up to a size of 1.5 μm (sand approx. 40 μm)
• Deliver superb filtration results
• Have a high dirt absorbing capacity
• Extends the life of the filters because they work under less pressure
• Requires less frequency of washing therefore meaning a n energy saving
• Are non-toxic and easy to dispose of
• Are supplied in the form of small balls
• Are produced from 100 % polyethylene
• Can be washed in the washing machine when there is too much dirt in the bag.


• Using Filter Balls is similar to using filter sand

• Open the filter vessel of your sand filter system

• Pour out any existing filter material and clean the filter tank

• Fill the filter tank with aqualoon Filter Balls

• Close the filter tank

• Start filtering

White Aqualoon

Packing Carton Size
aq02png (1) 1.5 LBS Aqualoon in one PE bag
28 bags packed in one display
4 displays stand on one 3. 94x2.62FT pallet
28 bags/DisplayDisplay Size: 31.5"x23.6"x38.6"
Color box+ Master Carton 9 boxes/CTN Master Carton: 60x40*50 CM / 23.62"x15.75"x19.69"
9 Boxes/CTNInner
Box Size: 39.3x19*16 CM / 15.47"x7.48"<6.30"
700 G Aqualoon in each color box
36 boxes packed in one display
4 displays stand on one 1.2x0.8 M pallet
Inner Box Size: 39.3x19x16 CM / 15.47"x7.48"x6.30"
36 Boxes/Display
Display Size: 80*<60x98 CM / 31.50"x23.62"x38.58"
Bulk packing for 5 KGS, 10 KGS and 20 KGS is available

Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

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