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STARMATRIX ELITE Swimming Pool Sand Filter 1075

Product Details

• Model No.: 1075

• Pump Power: 550 W / 3/4 HP

• Filter & pump Junction: 32&38 MM

• Precisely engineered inside the filter provide an even flow through the sand bed, ensuring maximum filtration.

• To maintain crystal-clear and sparkling pool water, the filter system can be operated with filter sand as well as with STARMATRIX AQUALOON Filter Balls as filter medium.

Product Details

Large pre-filter
• The pre-filter is used to prevent the large hazard like leaf, insect and recycle your pool at a clear condition.
7 way valve
• There are 7 options for optimum operational quality and crystal-clear water,Filter, backwash, rinse, empty, circulate, winter setting, closed.
• Using the solid dial, you can carry out the whole water cleaning process without getting wet, or having to block off or dismantle anything.
Solid clamping ring
• A quality checked, solid clamping ring connects the filter holder to the 7 way valve. A large rotary knob makes it easy to close without any tools.
Large chamber for filter sand
• Once the top lid is removed, the chamber space is visible. The large opening makes it easy and, above all, easy to change the filter sand. With above ground pools, this should be changed every 1 - 2 years.

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Timer function can be added for all pumps


Optional special connector for easy connection to existing pools

Filter ELITE 1075

Pump Power 550 W
Pump Flow Rate 10000 L/H
Flow Rate(Sand) 7800 L/H
Flow Rate(Aqualoon) 8100 L/H
Volume Sand 54 KG
Volume Aqualoon 1280 G
Tank Volume 75 L
Box Dimesnsion 44x44x87 CM
G.W 18.7 KGS

Additional Spare Parts To Be Use


UV system


Electric heater

Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

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