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Swimming Pool Pump

Starmatrix SPS-1A Fully Chlorine Resistant Centrifugal In–Line Pool Pump

Short Description
Product Description
Short Description

• Powerful filter pump

• High-quality plastic

• Self-priming pump with pre-filter

Product Description

• The pool pump is a fundamental element of the filtration system of the pool, it sucks water from the pool through the skimmer and it throws it back once it is filtered. The best advantage of Starmatrix pumps apart from being one of the most economical pumps on the today´s market is that they are products that adapt to any type of pool that exists on the market not just only in the range of Starmatrix's removable pools. 

• The pump is recommended for free-standing garden pools, hot tubs and swimming pools and can circulate bathing water with both chlorine and salt disinfection. Can work with water up to + 35 °c.


• The pump should be installed horizontally, screwing it to the support, to avoid vibration and unwanted noise.

• The pump should be installed far from any corrosive or flammable products.

• The pump should have sufficient drainage to avoid the risk of flooding and should be protected from excessive humidity.

• Install independent water inlet and outlet valves.

• Allow for sufficient access space for pump maintenance and make sure that the technical plate of the pump is visible.

• During the installation of the pump, position it so there is 1 meter of free space around it. 

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Timer function can be added for all pumps


  SPS50 SPS75 SPS100
Power 250W 450W 550W
Voltage/Hz 220 V / 50 HZ 220 V / 50 HZ 220 V / 50 HZ
Qmax 7 M3/H 8.5 M3/H 9.5 M3/H
Hmax 7.5 M 9.0 M 10.0 M
Packing Size 450x203x238 MM 450x203x238 MM 450x203x238 MM

Performance Curve




Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

Covers an area of 8,3000㎡

Workshop area of 80000㎡

12 assembly lines

Over 300 engineers and workers

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