Solar Shower

What will be the first thing that you mostly want to do immediately after leaving the pool? Wash off the sweat streamed down your body and pool water mixed with chlorine aroma and other chemicals used to keep the pool clean, right? Once you finish yard work, do you want to take a refreshing shower at once instead of washing yourself after going into your house, to avoid mess up the house? Then outdoor Solar Heated Shower must be your best choice!
A solar shower is an affordable outdoor shower that doesn’t take a lot of time to install and heats water by the sun so that you can take a warm shower outside. Below are some pictures to show you our hot-selling models:

Economical PVC Solar Shower

PVC solar shower has the characteristics of low cost and high performance price ratio. They are ideal option for backyard, garden or outdoor fun. With design novelty, attractive appearance and economic price, they have been on best-seller products lists.


Multiple Models HDPE Solar Shower

New fresh design rotational molding solar shower with special outlook design bring nature elements and passion to your garden and pool.
This solar heated shower is a meaningful and valuable addition to outdoor pool, backyard, vacation home or beach because it offers an on demand hot/cold water source that can rinse off your tiredness.

Deluxe Aluminium Solar Shower

Aluminium Solar Shower gives you pure luxury, and also warm water for free from the sun!
Large tank volume aluminium solar shower ensures many hot showers all day long, it heats the water thanks by solar energy and do not consume electricity. Usually it is installed in the garden on the terrace or near the pool and only need to be connected to a hose with access to water.


Post time: May-18-2022