Aquloon Filter And Filter Ball(Aqualoon)

What dose Pool Filters do?

Dust and debris, leaves and insects may fall into pool water or are blown in by the wind, particles may be carried in by bathers. Pool filter forms one part of the circulatory system of in-ground swimming pool or above-ground pool, it plays a big role in keep your pool water crystal-clear and sparkling by getting those dirt out.

Compared to traditional Pool filters such as sand glass salt or cartridge filters, Innovative Aqualoon filter is a good alternative in in the residential pool marketplace. These new generation upgrade filters are more compact products due to much lighter filter medium.  They occupies little space and are easily movable, that is why they are identified as ideal solution for small and medium pools.

Aqualoon filter has the advantage of , high efficiency and low cost, and it has resolved the technical problems of more laboursome manual operation and short service life of traditional Sand/Cartridge filter. And below is product characteristics:

★ Easy assembling
AQUALOON pre-installed in all filter tanks
★ Top valve free for cost saving
★ New designed transparent top lid to show how AQUALOON working in the filter
★ Same tank capacity require smaller pump
★ Chemical saving
★ 32/38mm standard connection


Then We're going to talk about filter medium for these new popular Aqualoon filter:

Aqualoon(filters down to 3 microns) are made of 100% polyethylene, in a network of interlaced strands that are manufactured to prevent the balls from fraying and releasing residues during use, while increasing lifespan.

Many customers choose Type A and Type B AQUALOON CARTRIDGE, Type A has Protection foam at bottom to protect Aqualoon go into the pump while Type B has mesh bag with Aqualoon inside to replace normal cartridge:


Startmatrix also developed upgraded Blue and Black Aqualoon(Both of them offer all the filtration advantages of original White AOUALOON):


★ BLUE AQUALOON is AQUALOON with 200ppm silver nanoparticle added to the raw material
★ The silver nanoparticle can reduce 98% of the ecoli bacteria and 99% of the staphylococcus aureus bacteria


★ Black AQUALOON contains Activated Charcoal
★ Activated Charcoal is widely used to remove unwanted smells and taste from water

Post time: May-18-2022