Are you still use silicon sand for your pool filters? When you laboriously filled in the sand filter with sand to be ready to enjoy your summer day, you are surprised to find that your pool is dirty after several days, then you start to backwash the sand.But if the sand loss the function of filtration gradually, you have to change a batch of new one. After you scooping out the slimy old sand for over an hour to change the new sand, i believe you are not plan to swim.
Fortunately, we have a new filter medium to help you to solve the problem—Aqualoon® filter ball, which will bring much more convenience in your summer time.

      What is Aqualoon® filter ball?
      Aqualoon® comes in the form of tiny balls, it is made of 100% polyethylene, in a network of interlaced strands that are manufactured to prevent the balls from fraying and releasing residues during use, while increasing lifespan. Polyethylene is a 100% recyclable material, which means that Aqualoon® has added an ecological aspect to its technology.

      What are the advantages of Aqualoon® filter ball?
         700g Aqualoon® =25kg sand
         Eco-friendly, non toxic
         No backwash
         Filter down to 3-5 microns
         Excellent filtration result and efficiency

      Compared to the silicon sand, Aqualoon® is much lighter, 700g Aqualoon® equal to the 25kg sand, which means you do not need to buy heavy sand any more, and it is easier to remove the Aqualoon® from the tank for cleaning, and you do not need to backwash them, you could wash them in laundry machine, then return to tank after drying.
      Aqualoon® is one of the most effective filtration media available. It does not require the use of products like clarifiers or other chemical additives that may contain bonding agent. Use of these products could cause non-warranty damage to the Aqualoon® or your filtration system.

      Other types of Aqualoon® filter ball
      Besides the white 100% polyethylene Aqualoon® filter ball, we still have two other types which are blue Aqualoon® and black Aqualoon®.
      Blue Aqualoon® is Aqualoon® with 200ppm silver nanoparticle added to the raw material. The silver nanoparticle can reduce 98% of the ecoli bacteria and 99% of the staphylococcus aureus bacteria.
      Black Aqualoon® contains activated charcoal, which is widely used to remove unwanted smells and taste from water. Like all Aqualoon® balls, black Aqualoon® filters down to 3 microns and offers all the filtration advantages of original white Aqualoon®.

11.08 A New Generation Of Filter Medium For Your Pools

      Where can you buy it? The answer is from Starmatrix.

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Post time: Nov-08-2022